We all know how the whole world is facing a huge problem of lockdown due to Coronavirus. All of us need to make the most of this time and do/ learn new things that would prove to be beneficial for us. I spent more time on the preparation for an upcoming examination and prepared a timetable which I am strictly following so that my preparation wouldn’t be affected due to the lockdown. Apart from this, our college is also providing huge support in the form of online classes/sessions related to our curriculum syllabus regularly.

One question that comes in the mind is that which method is better online or offline for teaching. Let us talk about the difference in the experience of attending an online class and an offline class. Talking about online class, it offers the comfort of home to every student which is not being there in a traditional style of teaching. In my point of view, I feel that the traditional style of teaching or in other words those brick/ regular class is far better than the online class.

However, there are various advantages and disadvantages of online and offline mode of teaching. So, now I will explain the key points related to it.

Advantages of Offline classes/ traditional methods

  • A teacher could pay more attention to students
  • Students would focus more on studies
  • More interaction between students and teachers

Disadvantages of Offline classes

  • Wastage of time and resources
  • Students could be less comfortable as compared to the online mode of classes/trainings
  • Students would not learn about the advanced technology

Advantages of Online classes/trainings

  • Saves time and resources
  • Students could be more comfortable as compared to offline mode of classes
  • Students could get a chance to know about the current technology scenario of teaching

Disadvantages of Online classes/trainings:-

  • Teacher unable to pay equal attention to the students
  • Students would focus less on the topic
  • Less interaction between students and teachers

So, this is all about the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of classes (Online and Offline).

Apart from studies, I am also focussing on learning new skills and technologies which would help me in the future. As far as exams and practical are concerned, there is no notice related to the extension of the exams and practical dates has released by my college yet.

Also, I am preparing for interviews. One thing which stands out is that my parents are also providing consistent support to me in this hard time so that I can focus more on my studies.

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