Bhagalpur News: Weak children from Dalit, Mahadalit, Minority, and Extremely Backward communities studying in government schools will now participate in the summer camp. Education Markaz and education volunteers have been instructed to organize summer camps during the summer holidays. In the summer camp, such students of classes four, five, and six from Dalit, Mahadalit, minority, and most backward communities, who are weak in studies as compared to other students in their classes, will participate.

 Such children will be made to practice their curriculum in the summer camp which will run from 1st to 30th June. At the same time, now Shiksha Swayam Sevak and Talimi Markaz will make literate women 15 to 45 years of age literate in their respective communities. Will also give information to literate women about basic things like withdrawing money from the bank, opening an account in the bank, and writing an application to the officials to take advantage of the scheme.

 Action will be taken against the education Markaz and education volunteers ignoring the instructions. On Saturday, Assistant Director of Public Education Ramesh Chandra, Statistical Supervisor Public Education Indermohan Prasad, District Program Officer Secondary Education Manikant Gupta, etc. held a meeting with five training Markaz and teacher volunteers from each block.

 The Assistant Director said that action would be taken against the education volunteers and training Markaz who are not interested in making literate women literate. The District Program Officer said that the main task of the education volunteers is to prepare the children of Dalit, Mahadalit, minority, and most backward communities and send them to school. After the school holidays, they will give coaching to the children for an hour. Education volunteers forget their basic responsibility and remain present in schools only. All 669 education volunteers of the district will organize summer camp during summer vacation.

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