Amid growing demand by students to cancel CBSE Class 12 Board exams 2021 due to rising coronavirus cases, a CBSE official recently told a leading web portal that the CBSE may follow the assessment plan of class 10 if the COVID situation fails to improve. “It’s too early to say, but if the situation worsens, the CBSE may follow the assessment plan of class 10”, the official told a leading portal. 

The official also asked how the students of will take admission in varsities if the examinations are postponed and results are announced by August-end. “We can not further delay conducting the exam after July as the entire exam process takes more than a month including evaluation of copies and result declaration”, he said while speaking to India TV.

Meanwhile, several several media reports have claimed that the CBSE is planning to hold Class 12 Board Exams 2021 after July and a final decision in this regard will be taken on during the meeting of the government and the education department officials on June 1.

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