CBSE has issued guidelines for the Term-2 examinations. Under this, entry will be available only after thermal scanning at the entry gate of the center. Apart from this, wearing masks has also been made mandatory. Students will also have to bring a water bottle.

 The Central Board of Secondary Education’s Term-2 examinations for classes 10th and 12th are going to start on April 26. In view of prevention from Corona, only 18 students will be able to take the exam in a class. Earlier, 24 students were allowed to sit in a class and take the exam.

 Students will be allowed to enter the examination centers only after thermal scanning and sanitization at the main gate. Students will have to bring a water bottle and sanitizer to the exam center. A social distance of two yards has to be followed at all times.

 Due to the Corona epidemic, the Board has instructed the centers that they have to strictly follow all the guidelines for the prevention of Covid. It has been made mandatory for students, superintendents, and other staff to wear masks at all times. The board has also arranged for the Online Exam Center Management System.

 Under this, as soon as the examination is completed at the center, all the information on it will be uploaded to the center superintendent. This work will be done on a daily basis. On this, information about the attendance of students, copying information, information about students suffering from diabetes, the number of students with disabilities, and the additional time given to them will also have to be given. It has also been asked to ensure the arrangement of CCTV cameras at the examination center.

Entry will not be allowed after 10 pm:

 The admission to the center for the examination will start at 9 am. The students will be able to reach the class by 9.45 am. No candidate will be allowed to enter after 10 o’clock. The examination will be held from 10.30 am to 1.30 am. The candidates will have to take the test with blue or black ink or a gel pen. The candidates will not be allowed to stay on the school premises after the completion of the examination.

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