Delhi Schools Summer Vacation: Summer vacations in government schools of Delhi usually start on 10th May, but this time it is not happening. For class 3 to class 12, now the summer vacation will be only for 15 days from June 15 to June 30.

Delhi Schools Summer Vacation: Everyone is waiting for summer vacations, from teachers to students, but this year the holidays in government schools of Delhi will be of only 15 days instead of about two months. This is because of ‘Mission Buniyaad’. Actually, summer vacations in Delhi government schools usually happen on the 10th of May but this time it is not happening. Now the summer vacations will be of only 15 days from class 3 to class 12. Schools will remain closed only from 15th June to 30th June.

 In fact, in the last two years, due to the Corona lockdown, there has been a lot of loss of education, due to which the government believes that there is a learning gap among the students, that is, their ability is less than the class they are in. In order to bridge this gap, additional classes of about 35 days are being organized in government schools. However, private schools will take their own decision regarding vacations.

 Only students from nursery to class II will get the entire summer vacation. Classes will be organized for the students from third to ninth grade to prepare them for the future. At the same time, in view of the board examinations for class 10th to 12th, classes for preparation have been held in the summer holidays which will happen this time also.

 In Delhi this year the heat is breaking records. In such a situation, the parents of children studying in government schools are also concerned about their health. Since the classes have started under Mission Buniyaad, the students are getting mixed attitudes about it. Sources related to the management of government schools say that only about half the students are coming to school due to the heat. He tells this that students are not being pressured to come to school during this time, efforts are being made that they should be a part of it voluntarily.

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