Teachers working in Government Primary School Kolhaipatti and Primary School Bhelahi Paswan Tola often do not come to the school but their attendance is fully recorded. 

Madhepura: There is a lot of arbitrariness of the teachers of government schools in Madhepura. Here teachers are registering their attendance in a fake manner without coming to school. Children or parents do not raise their voice, so their presence is also made. The matter is of Murliganj block of Madhepura subdivision.

According to the information, the teachers working in Government Primary School Kolhaipatti and Primary School Bhelahi Paswan Tola here often do not come to school, but their attendance is fully recorded. Not only this, teachers also show attendance to the students who do not come to school.

The headmaster refused to say anything.
Actually, out of the 6 teachers working in the Government Primary School, Kolhaipatti, 3 were present. Whereas out of the total 119 students enrolled, 30 students were present. Villagers told that Manusmriti and Anita Kumari are teachers who come only on one day in the last fortnight and leave after making presence for all the days. When the headmaster Sadanand Yadav, who was present on the spot, was asked a question in this matter, he refused to say anything.

Found ‘Protection of Leaders’
Talking about the primary school Bhelahi Paswan Tola, only a few of the 123 children enrolled here attend school. Out of 4 teachers working in the school, only 2 are present. The headmaster is also often missing from this school. The villagers told that these teachers have got the protection of the leaders, due to which no action is taken against them.

Answer will be sought from teachers
other hand, District Education Officer Virendra Narayan said that the matter will be investigated and action will be taken. Show cause notice will be issued to all the teachers who are missing from the school and their answers will be sought, after which appropriate action will be taken.

Negligence will not be tolerated
The District Education Officer said that such negligence will not be tolerated under any circumstances. In any case, teachers will have to give duty in the school. If they do not do this then appropriate action will be taken against them.

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