Ambala: This time during the summer vacations, online studies of class 10th and 12th will be done on tabs only. Whereas last time there were such cases in which they were sent to the WhatsApp group and they were faked.

 But this time it won’t be possible. Because in the tab, studies will be done through the student app and teacher app. In which complete data will be there about how much work the student has done and how much the teacher has sent.

 Let us tell you that after the tab comes, online classes will have to be taught, online tests will have to be taken, homework will be given online. If the student has any questions or doubts, he will be able to ask online and until the subject teacher gives his online solution, then he will continue to be a pending show on the online dashboard at the level of the teacher.

The stock of tabs will be in the library:
The tab will be the property of the school’s library and the library in charge will be in charge of them. Every tab will be entered into the stock register of the school library. The library in charge will issue tabs to the students after entering the stock register. Online education will be done through tabs. In which online homework will be given, an online test will be taken, the online teacher will fill diary. Online studies will continue even after July 1 and it will be necessary to take online from the 12-period tab in a week.

The school head will monitor:
The head of the school will be monitoring the PGT. This will ensure that the tabs are used properly by the children and teachers. The online teacher will check and approve the diary. What the child and the teacher have read or taught on the tab. How many tabs are used? Its moment to day report will be received in real-time by Mobile Device Management (MDM) software by Principal, BEO, DEO, DSE, and CM Office on their Dashboard.

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