Birds Sleeping On Tree: Every day we hear the chirping of birds around us in the morning. But have you ever thought that birds sleep on tree branches but still do not fall from them?

Interesting Fact About Birds: Whenever humans sleep, they go into a deep sleep. You must have seen that if someone sleeps in a metro coach or in an auto, then his face starts rolling down. Humans are not able to keep themselves balanced while sleeping. But this does not happen with birds.

birds sleep very little:
Birds do not need to sleep for long like humans. The time it takes for birds to go into a deep sleep is only up to 10 seconds. You will be surprised to know that birds can sleep with one eye open. Birds also have some special powers, using which they can keep themselves active even while sleeping.

sleep deprivation:
In the case of birds, the part of their brain that remains active while sleeping, in contrast, their eyes open. That is, if he’s right hemisphere is active then his left eye will remain open. This is the special reason that even while sleeping, birds can protect themselves from any danger because a part of their brain remains active. Even while sleeping, he is able to save himself from any hunter.

Because of this birds do not fall while sleeping:
Due to the design of the legs of the birds, the birds are able to stay on the branches of the tree. When birds sit on the tree branch to sleep, the structure of their claws helps them to make a good grip. These structures act as a lock for the birds in a way and for this reason, parrots can sleep by hanging upside down on the branch.

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