Mumbai: The system of every area has collapsed due to the infection of Coronavirus. Especially in the education world, the situation is bad. The students are losing their education due to the loss of their parents’ jobs. In such a situation, Shirley Pillai, the principal of a school in Maharashtra has succeeded in raising funds for the education of children. According to the Times of India, through this initiative, Pillai has paid more than 95% of the fees for students whose parents were unable to pay the fees due to job loss or salary cuts.

 Pillai, principal of Mumbai’s Powai English High School, said some donors are willing to provide financial aid for the studies of deserving students in the future as well. She said that I was surprised that how people voluntarily came forward for help. This meant a lot to us. Pillai said that she has been able to raise Rs 1 crore with the help of donations made by individual and non-governmental organizations.

 He said that the school teachers played a vital role in identifying the needy students. Donors mostly wanted to pay for the academically bright students. Pillai said that we had many average students who needed money for their studies.

 The school trustee, Prashant Sharma, cut the fee by 25 percent, though the state had asked the schools to cut the fee by 15 percent. “We have not increased fees for three years and will continue with the same fee structure in 2022-23,” Pillai said.

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