For the new education policy, a committee was formed in June 2017 under the chairmanship of Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan, the head of the former Indian Space Research Organization ie ISRO. And, a draft for India’s new “National Education Policy” was presented by this committee in May 2019. As a result of which the New Education Policy 2020 has been brought. And, the government is working in preparing to implement this education policy by 2022.

Introduction of India’s New Education Policy 2020

The first education policy in India was brought by the Indira Gandhi government in the year 1968.
After that in 1986, after Indira Gandhi, the second education policy came by the Rajiv Gandhi government.
Which was later revised by Pamulaparthi Venkata Narasimha Rao in 1992.

And, in this new education policy, which came after 34 years, many major changes have been made from school education to higher education.

Due to which the pressure of the Board Exam will be reduced for the children, And, with this, there will be a regulator in higher education as well.

That is, even if studies are missed in the middle due to some reason, it will not be in vain.
Because now a certificate will be given on completion of one year of higher education. And, the diploma will be given on completion of two years of studies.

And, with the aim of developing this new education policy, the Government of India also plans to increase its education expenditure from 4% to 6% of GDP.

Friends, as you know that the first Ministry of Education in India, Used to come under the Ministry of Human Resource Development ie MHRD. But under the new education policy, its name has been changed to Shiksha Mantralaya. Which is also called the Ministry of Education. And, the earlier 10+2 education policy in India has now been changed to 5+3+3+4.

Initial 5 years | first 5 years of new education policy

Firstly 10+2 meant that after 12 years of studies under the supervision of the State Government,
It was necessary to have a degree from a university.

That is, classes used to start from the age of 6 at the initial stage and the government used to monitor till 12th.
But under the New Education Policy 2020, now the government will supervise education for 15 years.

That is why now a Foundation Stage will be made in the school for the first 5 years,
In which the school will be admitted at the age of 3 years, And the studies in the school will last for the next 5 years, that’s why it is called 5. And, this 5 year is divided into two parts, In which the first 3 years of age will be sent to school, And, which will include playschool.

And, after the completion of 3 years in school, in the next 2 years, First, you will be sent to “Class I”, then there will be the process of going to “Class II”.

Next +3 Years

Friends, after “class one” and “class two”, now in the next 3 years, there will be studies from “class three” to “class five”,
Which is called the Preparatory Stage. And, in this stage, the children will be taught the curriculum with some activity.

In which efforts will be made by the teacher to gradually advance the studies. Along with this, the Committee of New Education Policy in this stage, There is also talk of studying in the regional language or national language.

Because in this stage, the equality of learning in one’s own language is highest. With this, the process of taking the examination will also start from “Class III”, Which was not in the Foundation Stage of the first 5 years.

Another Next +3 Middle Years

After this will come the Middle Stage which will be of 3 years, In which there will be education from “class six” to “class eight”. And, a lot of changes have been made in this stage. In which knowledge or coding of computer will be taught,
Along with this Vocational / Technical Course will also be run.

In which effort will be made to learn according to your interest, Example: Cooking, Sewing, Gardener and Carpenter, etc… And, it will usually be accompanied by subjects like arts, maths, and science. But it will also be necessary to have anyone Indian language with these subjects.

Than +4 Years Stage

The education of this stage will be from “Class Nine” to “Class XII-th”. Which will be called the Secondary Stage i.e. Secondary Stage. And, this phase will have to last for four years. The most important thing in this stage is that,
No student will have to give an exam in the year ending. And, in this phase, there will be a process to give the exam after every six, six months, which is called the semester. And, this process will run from “Class IX” to “Class XII”,

That is, eight-semester exams will have to be given in four years. With this, in this stage, students will also have the freedom to choose the subjects according to their interests. Because in the old education policy, till class 10th, every student had to have the same type of subjects. And, after passing 10th, students in 11th had to take anyone stream from Arts, Science, and Commerce. But under the new education policy, this old process has been removed.

And according to the new education policy, the stream has been removed, and now Multiple Subject has been brought.
In which students will be able to choose any subject after 10th according to their desired qualification.
And, with this, the level of students’ studies in this stage will also be “Critical Thinking”. That is, by freeing the students from rote learning, the teacher will try to explain and teach on any subject.

So that the brain of the students can be developed and, in this process, the government will continue to work carefully from time to time.

With this, students will have the freedom to study any foreign language in this stage.
In which students can learn any foreign language of their own free will.

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