New Delhi: A new education and skill development center set up as part of efforts to combat the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown aims to provide quality education to women and make them better workers. ‘Literacy India’ and ‘Oxford University Press’ (OUP) jointly started this center on Monday on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The center, located in Gheja village of Noida, aims to develop women’s skills and make them financially self-reliant. In these centres, cutting-chest, beauty parlor and allied services, general computer education and general English speaking will be taught.

According to the statement of OUP, students who are unable to study for the whole year due to Kovid-19 in the absence of digital equipment or service, will also be helped in the center, especially the education of girls will be focused. According to the statement, ‘Literacy India’ and ‘OUP’ considered the establishment of this center in October, 2020 and started it.

Due to the restrictions of covid-19, this center was partially functional since October 2020. In future it will start working perfectly. The first batch of women who learned how to cut and sew clothes were given certificates on International Women’s Day.

courtesy INDTV INDIA

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