The Delhi government is preparing to reopen schools for junior classes from Nursery to VIII in a phased manner from November 1. Continuous meetings are also being held on behalf of Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA). But the parents of Delhi are still confused about sending their children to school. They do not understand whether they will be able to send the children to school or not, on one hand the fear of increasing corona patients and third wave after the festival, on the other hand the worries about the future of the children are being eaten, let’s know – the opinion of some parents…

Delhi Parents Association President Aparajita Gautam said that after Dussehra, DDMA will decide on which class should be started from which stage. But before that the only concern of the parents is how the schools will 100% comply with the Covid 19 protocol. How will the government prepare and ensure its accountability so that children do not get corona infection in school.

Jyoti Gupta’s son studies in class IV. Jyoti said that my son is still studying in 4th, I am still not in favor of sending him to school because we are seeing that the schools are not following the Covid protocol for those who are calling the older children. The children’s vaccine that has come recently is also allowed to be used in emergency. This clearly means that parents have to pay attention to the safety of the child under 18.

Manish Sharma’s children study in the second and fourth grade, they believe that till there are zero cases of Covid and till the children are not vaccinated. Till then I am not in favor of sending my children to school. Apart from this, I know many such parents who today are forced to send their children without permission due to school pressure and the silence of the government. If no one is ready to take responsibility for whatever happens to the child, then how can I put my children in danger.

Anisha Sharma said that my child is in fifth grade, I am a single mother. Right now I am very confused about sending my child to school. On one hand, children are not able to understand online education, while on the other hand they are afraid to send children to school. Looking at the situation after the festivals, it will be guessed whether the corona patients increase or not. If all goes well, I may send my daughter. But before that, make the schools fully sanitized and fully comply with the Covid-19 protocol there.

Ravi Kishan, the parent of the children of class II and VII, said that both my children study in a government school where they did not study properly for the last one and a half years. Teachers do not take classes, just the message comes on WhatsApp. There is no such education, I want the school to open soon and my children go to school and study.

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