The teachers of Seema’s school and others praise her spirit. They said that despite being handicapped, Seema used to come to school with barely one leg, passing through the footpath.

 Hard work and determination have no substitute. Any target can be achieved if one follows these. There are endless examples on the planet to quote it. Despite all kinds of problems, such people manage to fulfill their dreams. One such story has come to the fore from the Jamui district of Bihar. Seema, a ten years old differently-abled student, is in the news for her hard work. Now let’s know who Seema is and why people are taking inspiration from her.

Seema studies in the IV Grade:
 Seema, who has become a topic of discussion among the people due to her courage, studies in a government school in Fatehpur village of Jamui district. Seema aging 10, is a student of class IV. Talking about the family, both the parents of Seema are illiterate. Seema’s father Kheeran Manjhi, who comes from the Mahadalit class, works as a laborer outside, while her mother Baby Devi works at a brick kiln. You will be surprised to know that Seema does not have a leg, but she walks 500 meters daily from home to school. Despite having no road, she reaches her school passing through a footpath. She does all her work herself without being a burden on anyone.

Tricycle presented by district administration:
 District Magistrate Avnish Kumar provided Seema with a tricycle on Wednesday. The District Magistrate, Jamui Superintendent of Police, and other officials reached Seema’s house on Wednesday and gifted her a tricycle. The District Magistrate also promised that the school in which Seema studies will be upgraded to a smart school within a month.

Measurement was also taken for the prosthetic leg.
 This information was shared by IPS officer Sukriti Madhav Mishra on Twitter. He wrote that Seema got the tricycle. Measurements have also been taken for the prosthetic leg. The flight of dreams to the limit should have no limits. Mishra further wrote that talk has been done about Seema’s cycle and artificial limbs. Prosthetic foot implants will also be done soon. Mishra is an IPS (Indian Police Service) officer of the 2015 batch of Uttar Pradesh cadre.

lost leg in a road accident:
 Seema lost her leg in a road accident about two years ago. Due to being hit by a tractor, she suffered serious injuries in one leg. In the hospital, the doctor had to amputate her leg. However, Seema did not let this incident become her weakness. Seeing the other children going to school, Seema insisted on this too. After this, Seema’s parents got her name registered in the school. Seema reaches school and studies diligently, regardless of her lacking one leg.

What does the school say?
 The teachers of Seema’s school also praise her spirit. They say that despite being disabled, Seema comes to school with the help of only one leg through the footpath. She does all her work and school homework etc. in time. According to Seema’s mother, they do not have enough money to buy copies, books, etc. for Seema. All this is provided by the teachers of the school, keeping in view the spirit of Seema. Everyone is proud of Seema and is confident that she will brighten the name of the householders.

Seema wants to become a teacher:
 Seema dreams that she grows up to become a teacher. She wants to read and write so that she can help the family. So Seema insisted and her family members registered names in the school.

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