The Uttarakhand government has decided to open all the schools from class 01 to 12 from Monday i.e. 12th July. However, during this time only teachers are allowed to attend school Attendance has been ordered. Students will not be called to school yet. It is yet to be decided on when the students should start their Schools will be opened only for teachers and staff so that administrative work can be done.

Education Minister Arvind Pandey held a meeting with the officials of the Education Department today (Wednesday) and gave instructions regarding the opening of schools from July 12 and also government orders The Education Minister said that all the schools from class 01 to 12 will now be open only for teachers, while online education will continue for the students. Regarding the opening of schools for the students, the Education Minister said that a decision will be taken after holding talks with the Chief Minister.

courtesy AAJTAK NEWS

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