School Reopen: With the weakening of the second wave of corona across the country, preparations had started to open schools. Schools for small children have also opened in many states, in this sequence, a plan was made to open schools completely in this state from November 1, know how schools will open.

With the end of the second wave of Corona, schools and colleges have started opening across the country. In this sequence, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Wednesday that schools in Kerala have been closed for about one and a half years after the outbreak of Covid-19. Schools will reopen for classes 1 to 7, 10 and 12 from November 1.

Talking to reporters, the Chief Minister said that the remaining classes will start from November 15 and preparations are on in full swing to reopen the schools. He said that to ensure the safety and health of children attending classes, the Health and Education Minister will convene a high-level meeting on Thursday and after that the action plan will be drafted and discussed with other departments before finalizing it. Will.
He further said that arrangements would be made at the state and district level in consultation with parent-teacher associations and other organizations to address the concerns of the students and parents.

School reopening preparations are geared up
Police have also been roped in to prepare a plan to ensure the safety of students during the journey after the reopening of schools and colleges, he said. Traffic outside educational institutions will be controlled to ensure that there is no illegal or improper parking of vehicles and no one will be allowed to unnecessarily congregate in front of schools.

He said that the school vehicles that are currently closed would be repaired with the help of police stations and the SHOs would contact the institutions to ensure the same. Apart from this, the SHO will give special training to the drivers and operators of school vehicles about the safety precautions to be taken while transporting children. He said that training will be given to them by the police officers about maintaining social distance, use of sanitizers and the right way to wear masks.

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