In view of the scorching heat in Bihar, the district magistrates of Patna and Muzaffarpur have issued orders regarding changes in the timings of schools.

 The rays of the sun have started showing a terrible form in Bihar. Many areas of Bihar including the capital Patna are facing scorching heat. In view of the scorching heat, the administration has now come into alert mode. The district administration has issued a new order regarding the time of study in the educational institutions of the capital Patna. This order will be applicable from 27th April i.e. from today.

 Patna’s District Magistrate Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh has issued an order saying that studies in educational institutions will not be held after 10.45 minutes in a day. After 10:45, the District Magistrate banned studies in schools. He has said that this order regarding studies will be applicable to all the schools and educational activities in the district.

 Patna District Magistrate Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh said in this regard that a heatwave is going on for the last few days. It is getting scorching heat in Patna in the afternoon. Because of this, the health of the children can be adversely affected in their lives. Keeping this possibility in view, it has been decided to change the time of study in schools.

Changed school timings in Muzaffarpur:

 Apart from Patna, the Muzaffarpur district administration has also issued an order prohibiting educational activities after 11.30 pm. The District Magistrate of Muzaffarpur has said that if any educational institution is found open after 11.30, strict action will be taken against it. Significantly, for the last few days, Bihar has been witnessing a severe heatwave.

The Meteorological Department has issued a heatwave alert:

 The Meteorological Department has also issued an alert regarding heatwaves in several districts of Bihar. According to the Meteorological Department, the districts where heat wave alert has been issued include the capital Patna as well as Sheikhpura, Nalanda, Jehanabad, Arwal, Nawada, Bhagalpur, Rohtas, and Kaimur.

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