New Delhi: Students will get a unique learning experience in the new academic session (Academic Session 2022-23) starting from April 1 in government schools of Delhi. Two hours of Happiness Classes and Mission Buniyaad Classes will be held in Delhi schools every day in the new session. These classes will be conducted in three parts in the morning and swing shifts in schools. These classes would be for two hours. This government decision has been taken because of the need for support to the students to overcome the loss of learning in the last two years.

The Directorate of Education (DoE), Government of Delhi, has made preparations to improve the basic skills of students regarding learning-gap, writing-reading, and basic mathematics in the new academic session. In this regard yesterday, Himanshu Gupta, Director of Education, Government of Delhi held a review meeting with all school heads and DOEs of government schools and asked them to focus on the emotional well-being and basic skills of the students in the first quarter of the academic session 2022-23, specially instructed off. A two-phase action plan has been prepared by the Directorate of Education in order to bridge the learning gap among the students.

The Director of Education said that the syllabus will be reduced to class-wise to give each child an opportunity to not only revisit their basic skills but to build conceptual clarity before taking up the subjects. In the new session, teachers will be specially trained to identify issues related to students’ learning and implement the two-phase action plan in schools. It will be reviewed weekly by the Director of Education to check the implementation of the scheme.

After Corona, this is a two-phase action plan to improve the skills of students in the new session.

Phase-I (Till April 10)

  • Re-fresher training of teachers associated with Mission Foundation at the school level.
  • Baseline assessment of all students of classes III to 9.
  • Mega PTM organized in the first week of April to make parents aware of Mission Buniyaad and ensure regular attendance of children.
  • Distribution of material of Mission Foundation.

The full time of school will be allotted for these activities.

  • Mission Foundation Classroom for reading, writing, and numeracy maths.
  • Happiness class, happiness class.
  • Revision of previous worksheets.
  • library and reading period.

Phase-II (April 11 to June 15)

Mission Buniyaad & Happiness Classes.

  • In the morning and general shift schools – 7 am to 9 am.
  • From 4 pm to 6 pm in the evening shift schools.
  • These two-hour classes will have three parts – 30 minutes for Happiness Class, 45 minutes for Hindi reading and writing, and 45 minutes for Basic Maths.
  • Evaluation every Saturday to track the progress.
  • Catch-up session to connect students with academic concepts of previous classes through worksheets.

It is worth mentioning that this year, the Directorate of Education has decided to exclusively include the students of class 9th in the Happiness class and Mission Buniyaad classes, as all their previous classes were conducted online in the last two years and they were not allowed to participate in the last two years. Support may be needed to recover from the learning loss that has occurred.

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