The objective of this partnership is to professionally prepare the students studying in Delhi government schools for the fast globalizing world.

 Students will now learn the German language in Kejriwal government schools. In this direction, on Tuesday, the Delhi Board of School Education in collaboration with the German Embassy, ​​the world-renowned non-profit German Cultural Association Goethe Institute Max-Müller Bhawan, along with the Education Minister Manish Sisodia, and the German Ambassador to India, Walter.J.Linder, attended. signed a memorandum of understanding. The objective of this partnership is to professionally prepare students studying in Delhi government schools for an increasingly globalizing world.

 In the pilot phase, German language courses will be started in 30 Delhi government schools, including the School of Specialized Excellence (SOSE). German is a global language, under this partnership, students will be given training in communicative German language by the Goethe Institute Max Müller Bhavan so that they can learn science-technology, and art-culture on a global scale as well as this language for their professional life. be able to use.

 Manish Sisodia said that learning a foreign language is not only limited to learning a skill but also gives an opportunity to learn and connect with the culture of a particular country. He said that this partnership with Goethe Institute Max Mueller Bhawan will open new employment as well as many educational opportunities for the students of government schools in Delhi in the future. Learning German will open up job opportunities for our students in fields like engineering, tourism, hospitality, aero-flight, research, etc.

 The German Ambassador to India, Walter J. Lyndon said that this partnership with the Delhi government will create opportunities for partnership in many new areas including culture, music, and education in the future. He said that learning German will also open up employment opportunities for the children of Delhi’s government schools in many countries in Europe.

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