On one hand, children are lagging behind in studies due to the closure of schools. On the other hand, the parents fear that if the cases of corona increase after the festival, then there will be danger of third wave. In such a situation, a different kind of fear has settled among the parents about sending their children below the age of 18 years to school. At the same time, experts are clearly saying in this matter that children must be sent to school. There are strong arguments behind this, let’s know the opinion of the expert.

Public Policy and Health Expert Dr. Chandrakant Laharia said that now parents need not fear. Even if the cases of corona increase after the festival, the risk of the third wave of corona coming at the national level is negligible. Anyway, corona infection is very less in children. Even if there is an infection, it will not have any effect in the long term in children.

Dr Laharia said that in the recent sero survey, it was revealed that by June, 67.6% had become antibodies. It was also seen in the sero survey, antibodies were also made in children which are made at the speed of adult. Not only this, 100 crore people of the country have got a dose of corona. Looking at all these things, there is no possibility of a big wave like the first and second wave.

Dr Laharia says that the children had less severe disease in the past as well. Even if there is an infection in children, there is no serious disease. If the next wave comes, the numbers will remain low anyway, so children’s schools must be opened. Parents need not panic about this. He said that countries like Denmark-Sweden etc. had not closed schools, even now people in US have started sending children to school.

According to the expert, the available data clearly indicates that of the hospitalized Covid-19 cases in India, during both the waves, it was seen that only 2-5% of them were children in the age group of 0-18. At the same time, their number in the population is equal to about 40%. They say that the risk of serious illness and death from moderate is 10-20 times higher in the elderly and adults than in children. There is no evidence from any part of the world that the third or any subsequent wave will disproportionately affect children.

At the same time, parents are also afraid of how children will be taught in schools following the entire Covid protocol. Delhi Parents Association President Aparajita Gautam told that after Dussehra DDMA will decide on which class should be started from which stage. But before this, the only concern of the parents is how the schools will 100% comply with the Covid 19 protocol. How will the government prepare and ensure its accountability so that children do not get corona infection in school.

Let us inform that the danger of third wave of corona, non-vaccination of children, non-compliance of Covid 19 protocol by schools, etc. are such points about which parents are afraid. They do not seem ready to send the children to school this whole year. On the other hand, doctors and experts are constantly saying that physical classes and school education will benefit many times more than the risk to children from any any virus.

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